the tophat cookbook

Welcome to the tophat cookbook. You can find all sorts of recipes for doing
common stuff in tophat.

To fully understand examples in the cookbook, it is important to know the basic
concepts used in tophat.

Tophat doesn't have any kind of scenes. Everything is structured and managed by
the player. User has to explicitly call functions into tophat to get results or
draw stuff. Tophat doesn't do nearly anything automatically - the user is in
front of the steering wheel.

In communication with tophat, there are some types used, which are good to know.
They are defined in the module. First of them is th.Vf2. It is a 2d
vector. It contains x and y - both of the type th.fu. th.fu is the type tophat
uses to represent decimal numbers. There are also th.iu and th.uu. There is
also th.Transform defined in the file. It describes a transformation using
position, scale, rotation and rotation origin. Rotations in tophat are in degrees.


1. loading and drawing images       
2. getting keyboard and mouse input 
3. drawing text                     
4. playing sounds                   
5. entities